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Packaged in America


Do you know what is in 90% of the beef sold in the United States?

Are you prepared for a possible beef shortage?

You Deserve Better

Introducing the only fully vertically integrated cattle operation in the nation.

Top genetic cattle raised on 290,000 private acres of land. Cared for by experienced cattlemen and women with the utmost ethical and humane practices. The ranches provide high elevation, fresh air, fresh water and plenty of sunshine. The cattle has NEVER EVER been given hormones or antibiotics. All of this, ensures the healthiest and tastiest cuts of beef.

The Ranch

Guaranteed USDA Prime or High Choice. This quality of beef can't be found in your local grocery store or most anywhere.
No Hormones
No Antibiotics


The on site, 210,000 sqare foot facility is state of the art. The facility includes a 780,000 cubic square foot cooler, allowing all meat to be
aged to perfection.

Choose your bundle

Select from a wide variety of beef bundles to fit your needs. You can even add a la carte cuts to your order.

Freshly Delivered

Farm to Table guarantees freshness and provides an unmatched, mouth
watering experience.


Whether it be a romantic dinner for two, or a backyard barbecue, these juicy cuts will make you a master chef. Bon App├ętit!

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